Why We Rubiix.

Why We Rubiix.

It’s that moment when Rubiix hits you with the push. That amazing feel-good taste of awesome goodness that just feels so damn incredibly… good. So, who cares if your phone is on silent all day. So is mine, that’s beside the point.

Pop open that push notification and get on in here!

Hit some traffic on the way to work? Missed a credit card payment or three? Still bending down to pet every cute dog, yet too afraid to take the plunge and get one yourself? (Ok, fine maybe that last one is only me).

The point is not every day can be a great day. We get that. But maybe, just maybe that little bit of love we send you lifts you up a bit. At least that’s what we’re hoping for. Here’s why…

We try to pack a little bit of love into every cube. Maybe it’s a special offer, maybe it’s a Rubiix Review, maybe it’s something else entirely. Bottom line is we’re always looking to hit you with that awesome sauce, day in and day out, and whenever possible we try to throw a little cash your way too.

What does it feel like when your cube hits? Well it’s hard to describe but it’s definitely something like this…

We started Rubiix to form a community around our daily spending, by connecting our offline lives with our lives online. And not only that, but also to share revenue (yup, moolah) among our community.

Why? Well, last time we checked we can’t think of a company that just gives away its money. We think it’s a pretty cool concept and that more companies should do it.

Imagine a world where companies share their revenue with their customers, users or community. Why not? They share it with their executives, their employees and their shareholders. As customers of a business or users of a technology, aren’t we just as deserving…if not more?

After all if it weren’t for us, there wouldn’t be any revenue at all. But instead of hitting us back, company executives are too busy swimming in their own dough.

Sure, there are plenty of companies that donate to charity and are super active in giving back, and good on them! We’re all about that life. But this is something totally different. We started Rubiix to share our revenue with YOU.

Life can be expensive and you’ve got a lot of choices as to who you roll with. We’re not here to get you rich, just to show you how much we appreciate you hangin’ with us. And hey, at the very least maybe that small deposit in the “+” side of your bank account helps you avoid that man-I’m-going-broke feeling.

So come on in and let’s rock out! Get on up in this!