What We Rubiix: Top 10 things the Rubiix community is thinking (and drinking).

What We Rubiix: Top 10 things the Rubiix community is thinking (and drinking).
Imagine if cars ran on beer?

The Rubiix Community is doing things, and we want to tell you all about them.

Your days are long, but somehow you’re always in a rush. You’re bored as hell, yet always busy. You love your friends, but cancel all your plans. So what the hell are you actually doing all day? To help answer this very question, we’ve put together the top 10 most-loved activities by the Rubiix community. Enjoy!

10) Doing Yoga

Ah yes, Yoga. Did you know that Yoga is one of the six orthodox schools of Hindu philosophical traditions? Neither did we. We just know that Yoga is among the most popular activities of those who Rubiix, and for good reason. Great for both physical and mental relaxation, it’s been one of the chillest activities around for more than 3,000 years.

Trying just to Namastay awake.

9) Eating French Fries

When you think about it, every day can be fry-day when you’re heading for the golden arches. We officially recommend a healthy lifestyle, but we also unofficially recommend staying strapped into your seatbelt as someone hands you a bag of greasy potatoes through a 2-foot wide window. No physical activity required!

It’s fry-day and I am about to start drinking ketchup straight from the packets.

8) Guzzling Beer

Homer Simpson is the poster child for beer and, therefore, for some he’s also the unelected mayor of the Rubiix community. What would you do if you saw a tipped over beer-tanker? You’d take off your shirt and run toward it, obviously, and so would we.

Imagine if cars ran on beer?

7) Playing Video Games

Some things are timeless. Sunsets, kisses, love. And then there are some things we should have outgrown when we were kids, but yet we still hang on to them tooth and nail because… well you know…we have problems. Look, life is like a game of Mario Kart. We’re all just trying to get to the finish line without wiping out on a banana peel. So go ahead and game away! We’re behind you 100%.

No I don’t live in my parents basement, but I have fond memories and I wouldn’t be opposed to going back.

6) Shopping for Clothing

Clothing. We love it so much, it’s like we were born into it, except that we were literally born out of it. And speaking of the bare essentials, check out this store that sells only underwear. While we do applaud the occasional tendency to “go commando,” we still think it’s a better idea to provide a little support for the troops.

I see London, I see France. I see a store that only sells underpants.

5) Binging on Sushi

There are a lot of things people love about Sushi. The exotic variety, the artisan quality, the…beer? We can appreciate washing anything down with some suds (see #8), but to be this hyped about it at a sushi restaurant means you were slamming your fists on that table and sake-bombing your way to glory. Hey, we get it. Everything’s better with beer.

Wtf… did you just order the chicken Teriyaki?

4) Gettin’ out Cash

Ahhhh that sweet sound of the ATM dispensing fresh crispy bills. ATMs are like water fountains, except no water comes out, it’s expensive, and the sweaty guy standing behind you is definitely not on your team. Be careful out there.

ATMs are like water fountains, except the sweaty guy standing behind you is definitely not on your team.

3) Roaming the Supermarket

Did anyone notice that when we were small, supermarkets had food and pharmacies had medicine? Now there is some really weird overlap going on. There are drugs in the food aisles and food near the drugs. I guess some things in life you just don’t question, but the lines between the two are really creating problems. Can I get a Gatorade? Or maybe just this Pepto Bismol?

Why is the word “produce” suddenly pronounced “pro-duce” when you refer to fruits and vegetables?

2) Pumping Gas

Why are there different prices for self-serve, full-serve, cash, credit card regular, unleaded, plus, premium, and premium plus? And what the hell is Diesel? For God’s sake, to fill up my car I need a degree in macroeconomics and calculus. Can you just hook a sister up and give me whatever’s cheaper? And maybe squeegee a window or two? Thaaanks.

Yeah, but it’s not NOT for inhaling.

1) Coffee!

Heyyyy if you’re like us, you start your mornings like a cracked out lunatic, heading to the nearest coffee place like a blood-thirsty zombie. Luckily there’s coffee on every corner because caffeine is the most widely consumed drug in the world. But, unluckily, it still doesn’t come directly out of the tap when you brush your teeth in the morning.

But first, coffee. And then… coffee.

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