The Self-Deprecating Humor of Social Media Needs to Take an Exit

The Self-Deprecating Humor of Social Media Needs to Take an Exit

I’m over it. I get it, everyone needs to laugh at themselves a little more. Memes bring people together. Listen, I hate being all kumbaya but social media is getting to be a little depressing. The self-deprecating humor I turn to Larry David and Conan for is now EVERYWHERE and I’m starting to worry about my friends. How often DO you binge on pizza and watch Netflix? Are you really like, stalking that new guy? How broke are you REALLY? Should I call your mom and let her know you’re in need of a pow-wow?

Apparently, everyone I know is an introvert, antisocial, a psycho to date, single and obsessive, broke, and miserable. I get it: no one wants to feel alone during their lows. BUT HOW LOW AND HOW LONG ARE THESE LOWS, GUYS? The disdain for people is what really gets me, when truly all we want is to feel accepted. As human beings, we just want to feel like we matter. So, stop telling people how much you feel you don’t. I’m guilty of it too- of course there are times I want to romanticize a brand of bitterness. This is especially true when I meet people in Los Angeles. That was mean. I don’t take it back. It’s just weird when you ask people in LA what they’ve been up to and they start telling you “famous” people they know? Why do you guys do that? Or say someone’s name followed by how many followers they have on Instagram? Like it’s a currency or something? “I went to get tacos with Sarah, she has 75 thousand followers on IG.” Okay, so she sucks? Or that’s good? Do we like Sarah or…?

The Tumblr girl gets a lot of flack for being emo and REALLY into American Apparel. The Myspace girl gets the same kind of verdict. But the IG user is then, what? A HATER. Everyone is a hater- the zoom feature is a tool not a feature. And this new “FML” vibe online that was once calming and light is now cheap humor. If you don’t like your job how about you just say “I’m feeling kind of stuck, anyone got any ideas out there?” That’s real vulnerability and I think social media was meant to connect us more, not encourage you to stay in your room and not face the world, your issues, your problems.

I honestly sound so kumbaya right now I can’t even recognize myself but it’s really difficult to put my distaste for this constant sad narrative I’m exposed to everyday. I just want everyone to be happy and celebrate that without feeling like they’re bragging about it so instead they have to downplay it and communicate what they’re unhappy about via sad pepe image. You don’t have to make your followers comfortable by oversharing the negative sh*t in order to be deemed approachable. Namaste. Oh my god WHO AM I?

Anyway, if you’re my friend and you’re reading this please don’t stop sending me memes because I’ll wither and die. And if you’re dating me and you’re reading this please don’t stop sending me memes because I’ll assume we’ve broken up and you’re sending someone else memes AKA CHEATING.