Self-Care isn’t Selfish.

Self-Care isn’t Selfish.

In honor of staying sane this far into your adult-ish life, all of us at Rubiix put together eight stay-sane-and-self-care-not-medicate tips. Because we heart you so hard. We even checked out your tagged pics on the ‘gram. Do you ever take a bad pic? Rhetorical. Everyone is feeling burnt out this January. You aren’t alone.

  1. Your mental narrative is mean and we are ready to dump them.

You’re your own best friend. Would you hang out with a mean best friend? No. If you don’t want a best friend that would tell you that you aren’t enough, why even entertain the mental voice that does? Tell it we’ve moved on, and our new narrative is way hotter.


Super exciting news: baths are no longer just for babies. Studies show baths are 100% relaxing, especially with a favorite Netflix show on your laptop in a safe distance from the water. Please note these statistics are from us and we took a vote. All of us said baths are a go, so all hands = 100%. Because SCIENCE.

  1. Cleaning your room is cleaning the psyche

Respecting your space is so important. Years ago, a guy in a suit told Oprah that respecting your money meant respecting your wallet. Keeping it organized and clean meant you respected your finances. So, the environment you unwind in and see everyday is equally as important. Do your bed, fold your clothes, sweep. It’s your safe place, and you deserve to feel clean and important when in your spot.


Endorphins. They love you so much, they want to be around as much as possible. Wiggle around a little- movement really set these babies off. An hour is 4% of your day- so whether you dance in your room, hit the gym, stretching at home, or go for a walk instead of taking the train from 1st ave to 3rd, make sure to get physical, physical.

  1. Sleepytime is a party, too

REM is the trendiest club to be at right now, guys. You charge your phone at night, why not charge your brain too? I could site a million and one websites right now all talking about how sleep is vital- not only for your brain but the whole system of you. From weight management to thought process to skin, give yourself the gift of knocking the f*ck out.

  1. Alcohol is friend unless you make it foe

Drinking too much. I can be honest and say I’ve overdone it a lot in the past. I think every Saturday morning in 2017 started with an “ow” or “oh no.” It just doesn’t feel good- alcohol is a natural depressant and the new positive, busy me just doesn’t have time for it. So limit the alcohol intake. My mom always says a glass of water in between every cocktail won’t kill your buzz or kill your morning after. Also- not making out with an ugly dude is also such a plus.

  1. Not every list has to be a to-do list

Let’s stop hashtagging GOALS and start listing our goals. Visualizing is powerful, and so is knowing your direction. Creating short-term and long-term goals are the first steps to realizing what you want. Slowly, everything that’s a distraction or would veer you off track won’t seem as attractive anymore. i.e #6

  1. It’s not talking to yourself, it’s pep talking

Doesn’t matter what you believe- whether it be a God, The Universe, a big alien looking after us- something is always listening. Or, maybe you need to Coach Carter yourself (youngins: that’s a basketball movie with Samuel L. Jackson that you need to see. Oldies: sorry for having to reference that. It hurt my oldie heart, too). Either way, looking in the mirror and telling myself I am powerful, worthy, and enough isn’t corny. Is singing the soundtrack to Coyote Ugly with a hairbrush in the mirror, corny? N-O-P-E. Youngins: It would pain me too much to explain the art that LeAnn Rhymes created for the motion picture “Coyote Ugly”, so you’re going to have to give this a google on your own time.