Lists, But Not Grocery

Lists, But Not Grocery

Name an athlete. Any athlete. Lebron? Jordan? Michelle Wu? Serena? Name anyone successful. From Oprah to The Rock- they all have one thing in common. They all feel adrift at times.

They all feel like they aren’t performing at their best capacity. I was a personal trainer for a sneeze in my life, and even when I knew exactly what I had to do and exactly what to eat and how much of it- it’s hard to be your own cheerleader without a clear path. An old boss I despise with the heat of 100 fires once told me “you cannot improve what you don’t measure.”

So can goals be measurable? Can dreams and aspirations be measurable? It kinda takes the magic out of fantasizing about the things you want do in life, but it definitely feels good to cross it off your checklist- like when you can’t find quinoa in the grocery store and you find it in aisle 4500. (I just found it without asking for help and it felt GREAT.)

Back to goals and such: short term and long term is the name of the game. This game also has rules:






Do I pride myself on being your blog-mom? Yes. Carrying on.

Ideally, goals should feel tangible and attainable. You know when your room is so messy you’re like- forget it, it’s never going to look clean so I’ll just get to it tomorrow. So, long term would be an organized room. But short term would be picking up your clothes, doing your laundry, sweeping, mopping, etc. Acknowledging your steps can help making things sound the opposite of impossible.


  • Creating your “big picture” of what you want to do with your life (don’t freak out, this isn’t a contract), and acknowledge the large-scale goals that you want to achieve
  • Break it down. Make them as small + specific as possible. If your lifetime goals were at the very top of the staircase, what would each platform entail? Don’t hold back, but also don’t make this a 100 step spiral staircase. Stick to 10 to 12 steps.
  • Prioritize!
  • Now it seems you have a plan. Go you! Plans are scary and you are brave.
  • Performance goals rather than outcome goals are approachable and not so dictator-like. You’re a human being, not North Korea.

Timing is important- when do you want to accomplish this by? Again, specifics: a month? a year? 2? 3? 5 years? Tell your visual board this.

WARNING: With goals come distractions- whether they be partying, boyfriends/girlfriends/relationships in general/a bad habit. As a professional procrastinator, I understand. BUT IT SUCKS. Remember in 4th grade when you left your science project for last minute and everyone in the class knew it? Let’s avoid the adult version of that. The adult version would be when it affects your peace of mind and your paycheck. YUCK. Brainstorming on what to do and what not to do are both equally important. Personally, if I could not turn off my email notifications so I could online shop in peace I would probably be the Carine Roitfeld of my generation. Moving on.

Categories! Categorize your goals. Here are some “examps” as the kids say:

  • Career
  • Financial
  • Education
  • Family
  • Artistic
  • Attitude
  • Physical
  • Pleasure/Enjoyment 
  • Public Service/Civic Duty

Another tip: Be genuine about what you want, not polite. Do not consider what others want for you. If your ex called you selfish then block them out right now. Now is the time to be selfish. Compliment each goal with a positive statement. “I have so much doing xyz, I know I can do this” is better than “don’t f*!k this up.”

Goals, big or small, are always tough. Life is full of them, and Rubiix is always thinking about ways to make these more achievable. A happy you is a happy blog-mom. In the words of Kris Jenner: “You’re doing amazing, sweetie!” And yes, I do have that gif saved to my phone.