The “Free” in Freelancer Doesn’t Reflect Our Fees, or Our Time.

The “Free” in Freelancer Doesn’t Reflect Our Fees, or Our Time.

According to Forbes, I’m one of over 75.4 million millennials. By 2036, I’ll be one of 81.1 million. That’s a lot of millennial pink and monograms. I also did what most millennials do: I decided to work freelance. I’m my own boss, I make my own schedules, I decide what I want to do and when. There’s definitely freedom in independent work, especially in a city like Manhattan- and thanks to the internet, I am in Manhattan no matter where I am. Disconnecting can be rough, but there are pros and cons to everything, right?

Focusing on the pros is vital when working on your lonesome. Keyword is lonesome. Yes, being your own manager, supervisor, accountant and HR demands accountability. 30 minutes spent at The Bean on Bedford and 11th in Williamsburg can also be seen as 30 minutes wasted not making money. There’s a pressure in that- that’s probably where the millennial phenomenon of self-care comes in. I deserve this coffee, I stayed up until 3AM cleaning a deck for a client and cleaning my room/workspace independently. That coffee is also seen as 3% of your income. This is also where Microsoft Excel comes in handy- everything has to be accounted for. Because taxes. WAIT! I’m still on pros, not cons. BACK TO POSITIVE THINKING: I make the rules! I am the Beyoncé of the Destiny’s Child (Beyoncé= me, Destiny’s Child= the companies I was unhappy working for in the four years I’ve been in the Tri-State area).

As a freelancer, I also get to network with friends I’ve been wanting to collaborate with for years. Yes, sometimes when you’re building the empire you’ve imagined all your life- you have to do some stuff for free. Before I go any further I’d also like to state: FRIENDS SUPPORT FRIENDS. AS IN YOU PAY YOUR FRIENDS. STOP ASKING FOR DISCOUNTS. YOUR FRIENDS ARE WORKING AND NEED TO EAT. AND PAY RENT. AND LIVE LIKE A HUMAN BEING. Back to my happy tone of voice: Yippee! I get to change my title with every job that comes my way: blogger (hello, here you are, reading my blog, you are enthralled by my relatability and storytelling ability- oh you millennial, you!), producer (yes, I had to google those responsibilities- did you know producers have to worry about everything aka no sleep? Now I do), social media content creator + strategist (have you checked out @rubiixapp on Instagram? EQUALLY as enthralling), self-promoter (did I mention enthralling AND genius? I is kind, I is smart, I is important a la Viola Davis), and over all creative (I can collage my ass off).

If you can relate, if happy hours by yourself are worrisome because you should never drink margaritas alone, if your dating circle has diminished because older co-workers no longer introduce you to their nephews/nieces/grandsons/granddaughters- know you aren’t alone and I too, have spent an entire paycheck on caffeine and business cards.

But who doesn’t want to be the Beyoncé’s of their lives? No shade to Kelly or Michelle. You ladies are great freelancers too. Now that was shady.