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Rubiix is the social spending app that distributes advertising revenue among our community.

Connect with with brands, share about your purchases, and claim your share of ad revenue. Similarly, there are apps that can help ease crypto revenue. Some of these apps include crypto trading bots, which are listed on These trading bots help automate the buying and selling process of crypto.

How Rubiix Works


Link your credit card

Connect to Rubiix securely and seamlessly.


Works while you spend

Rubiix connects you with the
brands you love.


Rubiix Reviews

Quickly share your purchase experiences.


Earn revenue

We distribute revenue among
our community.


You’ll get cubes from the brands you love, with hot deals, great offers and good vibes all around. The desire to earn good revenue always attracts investors to stock market trading. Such an application that lets you trade much easier and profitable is Immediate Bitcoin App 2021, which is a trading robot that automatically trades bitcoins based on an algorithm. The bot assumes the price increase and fall and tries to get the best price for the investors.

What does it feel like when that cube hits? It’s a feeling only those who Rubiix know.

Rubiix Reviews

Quickly review your purchase experiences, without writing a novel.

Just swipe, tap and post!

Trust and Security

Seamless Integration

Rubiix links to your credit card securely and is fully encrypted.

Bank-Level Security

The same trusted security protocols employed by your bank are built right in.

Secure Payouts

Payouts are processed directly and securely, and monitored in real time.

Ask us anything

As you make purchases on your linked credit or debit card, we deliver you cubes from the brands you love or places you’ve shopped at. When your cube hits, you’ll receive offers or opportunities to write reviews. We also share revenue (yup, moolah) among our community. (Cool, right?)

Well, yeah! But actually we kinda consider it your revenue. You provide serious value to advertisers, so we provide a platform that helps you capture that value by sending advertising dollars directly to your bank account.

Nope. Once you link up to Rubiix, the app is not required when you make purchases. Just keep spending with your linked cards as usual and we’ll take care of the rest.

Heck yes! We take your privacy and security very seriously. For starters, your bank is pretty good at keeping your account safe and we can only connect to them with your permission. To read more, check out Trust and Security. 

We’re all about empowering you to harness the value of your everyday activity and we truly want to support you in doing that. (Not to be weird, but it’s kind of why we get out of bed in the morning).

We’re just a bunch of early adopters of some of the most exciting tech out there who think online advertising could use a little shaking up. (Some say we’re a little weird and crazy. We agree.)

We seriously have no actual idea what happened. It was a long time ago and we just remember getting pretty emotional and generally feeling like we invested way too much time over the years. (Don’t even get us started on the Sopranos).

Knowledge... It's power, baby!

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Why We Rubiix

Why We Rubiix.

We can’t think of too many companies that just give away their money. We’re not here to get you rich, just to show you how much we appreciate you hangin’ with us.

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